Rates For Our Services

Before you start selecting the plan that fits you best, we would like to explain to you the basic principle of our pricing and the guarantees of the “Alpine Story” agency. Of course, our main task is to provide you with as many potential candidates as possible, who meet your needs and interests. But we should specify a meaningful aspect.

Let’s use a simple example. For instance, you would like to meet a single man of your dream from any Swiss canton, handsome, with higher education, aged 30 to 45. This is not an easy task yet we can do it. Offering you our rates, we can guarantee that you will find several candidates, but… There are situations when you need exclusively a single tall lean blue-eyed medical doctor, 35 years old, vegetarian, sportsman, doesn’t have kids, pets or bad habits, leaves in his own chalet in Valais. Valais is an agricultural canton where you are much more likely to meet a farmer in a Ferrari, surrounded by hectares of gardens and vineyards.

Is it a difficult task? For sure! In this case, we won’t be able to guarantee you a large number of candidates. We will have to either refuse you service or agree on providing you with a maximum of one-two candidates. It might happen so that we will recommend you to increase the duration of service and its price, accordingly. So please think carefully, weigh in all the pros and cons and after that, proceed to explore our four tariff plans.

SILVER 120 000 ₽ Buy

We sign the contract for three months. During this period, we find candidates for you who best meet your criteria. We would like to emphasize that the number of candidates that the agency can guarantee directly depends on your preferences and demands. Each time, the conditions will be discussed individually.

GOLD 230 000 ₽ Buy

The contract is valid for six months. The number of candidates for the role of your future spouse will be discussed individually. In case of a successful acquaintance, you can use the 1-month “Break” mode to check your feelings. This means that we temporarily stop our services. Later on, this month won’t be lost but we will add it to the remaining six.

PLATINUM 450 000 ₽ Buy

The Platinum tariff is valid for 12 months. You get access to all the privileges of the previous tariffs. Plus, you can use the “Break” mode for 3 months and separate this period into several parts. What’s more important, the owner of the agency herself will be helping you, using her impressive experience in the marriage industry and direct contacts with Swiss partners. You will keep constant two-way communication that will help us find a solution to our common task as quickly and efficiently as possible. When you decide to pay a visit to your selected partner’s country, the owner of our Swiss partner agency will personally accompany you and help you solve any emerging questions.


This special tariff plan includes all the advantages and opportunities that we can offer you, and even more! Its terms, conditions and cost will be discussed confidentially and strictly individually.