Welcome to the «Alpine Story» marriage agency

We created our company to make people happy. Our target audience are those who would like to not simply marry a foreigner, but find their true love — a sincere and passionate one, that happens once in a lifetime. Believe us, it’s quite realistic! Every man and every woman dream of meeting their true love, no matter how old they are. Even the most successful people with an impressive career might suffer from loneliness. Only feelings can give our lives meaning…

You’ve come to the right site if you want to have a person by your side with whom you would be happy to think, talk and breathe together, to keep silent and look at the world, to fall asleep and wake up in the morning, joyfully greeting the new day. Of course, it’s not that easy to come across such a person. We will help you to find happiness and marry a foreigner who will fully personify your idea of a perfect man.

More and more women wish they could marry a citizen of Switzerland, and there is a reason for this. As a rule, men from this country are intelligent, handsome and rich. That’s why women want to marry a Swiss, give their children the best education and live a sheltered life in a beautiful European country.

With the help of our agency, you’ll considerably increase your chances to meet the man of your dreams!

Successful Swiss men often look for their better halves among Russian women because they are world-famous for their beauty, respect their men, know how to keep the house and preserve their natural charm for many years. We gladly contribute to their search of the most opportune candidates. With our help, you will be able to marry a Swiss man without wasting too much time and effort on looking for him.

If you try to meet your partner on diverse online platforms and sites with Swiss men, you might receive a negative communication experience. What’s more, you might come across unscrupulous people or straightforward swindlers. It's time to put aside all your prejudices and doubts and contact the “Alpine Story” marriage agency! Thousands of men are waiting for you here, hoping to meet their better halves and find family happiness.

In our marriage agency, we use special compatibility techniques that allow us to select the appropriate candidate. Only minimum effort will be required from your side.

Our special service effectively selects potential life partners for our clients.

We will do our best to help you find true happiness and to marry a European man!

Our Benefits

The main goal of our “Alpine Story” marriage agency is to search with maximum efficiency the better half for our lady clients. We will find you a Swiss whom you can later marry. We apply modern and unusual approaches that enable our clients to establish and develop long-term relations with the aim of creating international families.

«Alpine Story» – is your chance to find happiness. are you ready to be happy? we would be glad to help you! Believe us, the dream of getting married to a foreigner can become reality. And you will prove it on your own example!

Our agency employs specially trained and qualified consultants who will help you to establish contact with the candidates. Dating with the aim of creating serious relations is the task that we always solve successfully.

We invite our clients to exciting events and organize unforgettable romantic encounters in real life. We offer the services of translators, psychologists and coaches to establish family relations with foreign partners.

Our marriage agency has
an impeccable reputation.
Its main priorities include
such meaningful factors as:

Creating natural scenarios.

Evaluating the psychological compatibility of candidates.

Providing reasonable recommendations regarding the development of the couple’s relationship.

We guarantee maximum confidentiality and an individual approach to each client.
We will do our best to start your love
story with our «Alpine Story» marriage agency!