How We Work


Men select ladies by their profiles. Swiss men value the intellect of Russian women as well as their unique combination of strength and softness. They appreciate successful women and are not afraid of them. Marriages among people of different ages are not uncommon in Switzerland. A lady in her forties can get responses to her profile both from 35-year-old men and 75-year-old respectable gentlemen.

Of course, the Swiss value female appearance — just like all the other men from all over the world. Russian women are one of their reference standards in this aspect. However, solid and serious-minded men from the Alpine land might prefer a well-groomed middle-aged lady with a substantive profile to a girl with gorgeous looks that has nothing to tell about herself. It’s up to you to draw the conclusions.


Our services are not cheap. We are not interested in finding partners for as many ladies as possible. We help people with serious intentions find each other. The high price of our services is one of the factors that allow us to check whether you are ready for something new. Our database contains profiles of men who won’t be looking for a bride on free dating sites. They won’t text dozens of ladies hoping that at least one of them will answer. These are serious and well-off men, among whom you can choose. Some of them are businessmen, some are farmers who own many hectares of beautiful fields, some are bank employees… There are all types of men in our databases.


We created this agency to help people find each other. Far away, in a gorgeous house bathed in sunshine, a perfect man is dreaming of a Russian wife. And she might be spending her life on endless chores and dating with gentlemen, none of which can be of any interest to her. To be honest, those gentlemen don’t deserve her… To help that lady and that man meet each other, to help you find your beloved partner is our mission and our dream.


We work honestly and we won’t ask you to pay until we find a decent candidate for you. The procedure goes as follows. You fill in the questionnaire on our site with maximum honesty. It would be excessive to explain that the final result of our work will depend on your sincerity. Four or five pictures that you send to us must be fresh — that is, taken six months ago or less. Your photos should be ethical and not photoshopped. We carefully study your profile and decide on further collaboration. If our decision is positive, we will inform you about that by email and will get to work. As soon as we find you a potential partner who meets your criteria, we contact you by phone and make an appointment to discuss all the details and sign the contract.